Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As I lay here frustrated that the school has still not put my financial aid for the semester through, I wonder why does Bugsly always sleep and/or lay in the most inconvenient spot. like right now he choices to be on my chest while i try and type. but he is too cute to make move :(. so on goes my day. I need to go to the bank and class. that's my day. not very exciting i know. bla
My roommate matt is making a lot of noise above me right now. like he is running... i wonder what he is up to this morning?? or afternoon. whatever you choose to call this time of day. but it's morning to me since i just awoke from my long needed slumper.
Gavin is at work, so that means its just me bugsly and netflix till class.. boring

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Back to School! bla
At least on the positive note i can say this is my last year. I will only have 8% of my degree to finish spring semester so if i don't graduate it will be truely sad. :( Bur my classes this semester are all pretty interesting. i love my comm law class. the material is very interesting, but the test will stress me out forsure :(.
So i was 1 1/2 hrs late to work today, and no one noticed. hmm well they did when i got there, cause will and i showed up at the same time and this caused a wee bit of confusion. What i don't get is i had my schedule written down and in my wallet (correctly) and i still messed up. WOW i am struggling at life today :P I like to think i'm pretty good about that stuff, just not today i guess.
Jimmy Johns is open and being amazing as i'm sure you would imagine, they are even doing a corporate sponsorship to our Spirit Squad! YAY! :D
well i'm drawing a blank.. so Good Night :D