Friday, June 22, 2012

Just one of those days.........

Do you ever have just one of those days? If you have, then you know how i feel today... no explanation necessary. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure we all have have days like this, it is part of being human. Not even just human but part of being alive. (sometimes i can just look at my puppies and know they are having "just one of those days" too.)
In case you haven't or just are not sure exactly to what I'm referring too I'll explain it the best that i can, in bullet points. (this will help me limit my ranting)
How having "just on of those days" feels
  • Getting out of bed is dramatically more difficult then most days
  • Your body just doesn't want to do much of anything, yet you're not sick
  • You have the mild headache all day. It's not painful as much as telling you, you should just go back to bed.
  • It's hard to focus and complete tasks that normally you can speed right through
  • You're body just aches for no reason at all
  • You're hungry but nothing sounds good
  • You can't get comfortable
  • You have this constant urge to complain, but nothing has pissed you off
That's the majority of it. I can guess you can just say i woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I am usually very happy and optimistic, and I'm trying to get there.... but, not even coffee is waking this spirit up today. I feel like spending sometime in the Sun would help, but I'm stuck at work until 5. I'm hoping to snap out of it before then. Here's to happy thoughts!!