Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Part 1 of our Anniversary Adventure

As the week leading up to our anniversary dragged on, or little vacation flew by in a quick blink.
We stared out adventure on Friday, August, 10th. After work we packed all of our camping gear up and quick as we could and rushed off to Boulder Mountain! About 4 /12 hours in the car we arrived just after 10pm. ( Not usually that long of drive, but mix rush hour traffic with construction... bla) With the help of good friends and family we quickly had our tent up and relaxed by the camp fire for a short while before calling it a night. Hoping not to have any bear encounters.. :)

That first night was hell!!! Daisy our loving little "Angel"  had never been camping before and is use to sleeping in her kennel. Well, her kennel did not fit in our tent so we tried to let her sleep out of it with us. This was a disaster!!! She cried and barked at every little sound the forest made. And me being the pansy that I am to go outside of the tent in the dark by myself, left my poor husband awake, walking her around the camp sight all night. ( I did take her out once at about 4:30am when i heard my sis-in-law outside with her dogs.) I woke up not very refreshed about 6am to find my husband had still not returned from his last walk with her. It was now daylight so I braved the cold forest and ventured out of the tent. I found my husband asleep next the fire with Daisy in the car. :( I sent him back to bed and  Daisy and I went for a little hike in the woods and started to help prepare breakfast!

From here on out everything was WONDERFUL!!
Let me start by saying breakfast while camping in the most wonderful thing in the world! Epically because everyone brings enough food for everyone and that leads to food comas lol. Our first breakfast was  sausage links, bacon, hash browns, eggs & pancakes! And, the mixture of the smell and amazingness of it all woke my sleeping grizzly bear husband right up!

After breakfast we packed up the trucks and headed to the lake for beach time and fishing! The dogs loved it! Especially Daisy! She loves the water and learned to swim and spent almost the whole time swimming and running and having a great time!

Gavin played and hiked around with the all (6) of the dogs that joined us on our camping trip while I relaxed and fished on the rocks with my grandma! My brother was lucky enough to catch (2) fish, but grandma and I left empty handed.

A storm was starting to come in so we headed back to camp. Had some lunch, then a few of us played a heated game of UNO while others took a nice mid-day nap. (Nothing beats a nap in a cool Forest to the smells and sounds of a good rain storm)

Before dinner Gavin and I decided to take our puppies and a short hike. (what my grandmas said was short) We planned to be gone around 30min. 1 1/2 hours later with dinner ready my brother came hunting for us in his jeep. Luckily we had decided on our own that we wouldn't finish the trail in time, and we had started back down the mountain, but it was nice to find my brother driving up the trail so we could make it back for our hobo dinner!

 The rest of the night was spent eating, laughing, playing games, eating smores ( i hate smores) and lots of beer! (UNO is much more fun after drinking a few, I recommend you all try it sometime)

Night (2) with Daisy went smoothly. How you might ask? Oh, we sent her on a sleep over with her Uncle Chris!. My brothers tent was big enough to fit her kennel inside, and there she slept and didn't make one peep the entire night, so I'm told!

The next morning was short and simply, we made breakfast burritos! YUMMY!! and packed everything up!. We made a quick trip to the top of the mountain to see the overlook, and then headed home!. The drive home seemed to go by much faster, even with our picnic lunch break and what felt like 100 potty breaks for Gavin and the puppies.