Friday, June 10, 2011


So, Gavin and I have been debating over the past couple weeks if we should stay in Ogden or move to Salt Lake. Both options have pros and cons, but after really thinking about it the only reason for staying in Ogden was because we both work here. Now, I know that's a pretty big reason but after i finish my summer internship I will start applying for jobs in my field and there are a lot more opportunity for jobs in SLC than Ogden! I put my notice in at The Pie yesterday, and my good friend Tyrel helped me get a job at Ruby River one block from our house in SLC so that will work out great. i'll start applying for jobs in my field in August, but as optimistic as I am, I also must be realistic and know that landing my dream job will probably not happen over night, and I'm happy to just have a job! Gavin will continue working in Ogden with Ray, and coaching at night. To save on gas and wear on the car we are going to leave one car in Ogden and he will take the Front-runner up for work.
As, you can probably tell this is not our ideal situation, but no one started out having everything the way they want, and we are willing to work to get there and enjoy the journey. We are really excited to start our lives together, even though we have been living together for a year it'll be a new experience to be together with no roommates (for the exception of Julious who will be living with us until he leaves for Texas in August)
Now for the PROS!! Living in SLC we will be so much closer to both of our families! We are really excited about this because we both feel that we don't spend enough time with both sides of the family and are really looking forward to being closer to them. The house we are renting is on the corner of 600 S & 700E. Right next to Trolley Square, we actually are renting the house from Trolley Square! The location is great, far enough from down town but still within walking distance to everything we need! I'm super excited to live right next to Whole Foods Market! I love that store! Also, I can walk to work! And, we are so close to some great night life including Wise Guys, Gavin and I love wiseguys!
Wedding details are coming along, working on finishing up the invitations. We had our first consultation with our DJ and she is so much fun, and I am super excited for her at the wedding I know all of you are going to love her too! We picked our wedding cake and received our wedding topper in the mail.. if you are planning a wedding check out, they have some awesome stuff! We had our engagement pictures taken o and we also ordered our bar napkins, i still need to pick our cute ones for the cake though. The center pieces have been picked out, along with the suits and bridesmaids shoes. Lastly, MY DRESS IS DONE! ALL THE ALTERATIONS TURNED OUT BEAUTIFUL! Fantasy Bridal did amazing work and provided me with everything I needed including wonderful customer service! So, next is taking my bridals! Yay!...
As you might can tell we are going through a lot of changes in our lives and it's very stressful but we are enjoying it all the same! Until next time
Smiles, Mandy :D

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