Thursday, September 22, 2011

Post Wedding Blues

No one tells you when you get married that you can become depressed afterwards. Feelings of emptiness of whats left to do? Where do I go from here, what are my goals and what direction should I take my life now. I didn't say anything about these feelings until recently when I happened to bring it up with a stranger who was also recently married, guess what she feels the same way. So I thought I would ask another person, and same thing. I believe it is caused by the relief of stress. For so long my life has been crazy busy. School, work, cheer and planning a wedding. Plus not to mention all the unexpected little things that happen on a day to day base. But now, I'm graduated married and only working part time, and I have no idea what to do or even worry about!!! At first I thought o I'll give myself a week and things will calm down and I'll be back to my normal full pace at all times self. But it has been over a month and I'm still not there...I keep waiting to wake up and feel like myself again and it's just not happening. I am so happy to be married and so in love with Gavin, I think I just need to find a new goal to motivate myself again and I know once I find it there is no stopping me! :D

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  1. You're so right. When your life goes from super-busy-can-hardly-breathe pace to uh-well-what-should-I-do-now its hard to deal with! My marriage situation was different though, cause 10 days after our wedding, Richard went back to Iraq for 8 more months! Talk about depressing! Keep looking for your next "project" and enjoy time for your hobbies now, and if you ever want to drive down to Orem, I would love to have you over--I'll even teach you how to bake/cook something that you want to learn if you want to!