Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting excited for Sunday Mornings!!

So for awhile now, Gavin and my Sunday mornings have consisted off, sleeping in and going out for breakfast. We have recently stumbled upon a few wonderful diners in the Salt Lake area. So, we decided we want to try all of the local diners that the Salt Lake area has to offer. We are going to begin this adventure this Sunday, and continue until we have been to them all. ( I would like to estimate a year, but i'm not sure how many diners there are)
The best part of this is it gives me something to blog about. So, i will write a review of each diner and post our experiences here. Doing this will also (hopefully) help give us some ideas of diners to try. "hint hint" (please suggest to us your favorites)
We think this will be a lot of fun, and everyone is invited! So we hope you all will join us for at least one Sunday breakfast! :)

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