Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally.... we went out for breakfast!

Wow- who knew my Sunday mornings were so busy that it took me literally 2 months just to go out to breakfast with my husband on a Sunday morning. But, we are happy to report we finally did it...
Restaurant- Blue Plate Dinner
Time- 11:00 A.M. (only appropriate breakfast time on a Sunday!)
Seating- On the patio
Drinks- Coffee/Water (Gavin) Iced Tea (Me)
Food- SMA Omelet, this consisted of spinach, mushrooms and avocado.. with eggs of course, it also came with wheat toast and potato things that i cannot remember their names (Gavin) Buffalo Burger with blue cheese and bacon with spicy waffle fries (Me)... i know not breakfast but I never pass up the chance to eat a good buffalo burger!
Now, that you have the basic run down of our breakfast, I'll talk about our overall experience. First of all I have never been to the Blue Plate Diner when it wasn't busy! We usually wait 30 min for our table, but this day was different. We went in put our name on the list and stepped outside to enjoy the sun while we waited. Maybe 2 minutes later our name was called our menus were handed to us and we were pointed to two tables for our choice of seating. We choose the table on the patio farthest away from the waiting area. ( I hate being seated by people waiting to be seated. It makes me feel rushed and then I can't enjoy the eating out experience.)
Now, this place is not fine dining so if you come here don't expect 5 star services. The servers are all just dressed in black shirt and jeans or shorts, and they all aren't really the (typical Utah) looking group of people. But, they are all super friendly and super busy so you must be patient. (don't let this scare you away!) Knowing this we had our food order ready as soon as our server returned with our drinks. BTW you are greeted with cups and a pitcher of water, which is really nice because the servers are busy so I like having the pitcher on the table for the waits between drink refills.
After ordering our food we had a great time people watching. I think Sunday morning breakfast in Utah is the best time for this. You see a whole different group of people, or at least I feel that people show their true self. No pressure of how to dress or act, just people rolling out of bed after sleeping in and running to grab some great food! My kinda people! Lets talk about me for example, i was wearing a green hat with a gray shirt (Rockos Modern Life!!), brown flip flops, no make up and i just threw my hair in a pony. haha so not matching at all, but it didn't matter!
Our food arrived and it was amazing! I know mine wasn't breakfast food but it hit the spot. And there was bacon on my burger so it counted! Gavin of course had his entire plate gone before I even had my burger properly dressed for the occasion. ( I'm very particular on how much condiments can be on my burgers and the placement must be just right so their is a little flavor of everything in each bite, but not over powering.)
By the time we were finishing up the employees were setting up a table for a large party in our section and we decided this was as good of time as ever to leave. Gavin grabbed our bill went to the counter to pay and bring me back a box for my left overs. And, off happy and full we went!
Pros: Amazing food! I have never not enjoyed anything here! Great atmosphere. Friendly service. Cute divey diner look and feel. Dogs are welcome on the patio! Great people watching!
Cons: Parking! Not alot for how busy they are and beware, tow trucks lurk around in the bushes waiting for someone to park out of place, so be CAREFUL! Busy, so be prepared to wait, you won't always be lucky like we were this trip. Noise level- it is busy and so it gets loud fast. If you are looking for an intimate quiet meal, this probably isn't the place!

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