Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost 1 year!

So, this coming Monday is Gavin and my 1 year anniversary! We are so excited to have some time off of work and really enjoy each others company. Friday-Sunday camping on Boulder Mountain with my family, followed by an adventure packed few days in SLC. Yes, I know we live here, but we haven't hardly seen anything Salt Lake has to offer. Oh, and Gavin's boss is hooking us up with a suite at the Grand America! We are so excited, getting to Friday this week is going to draaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggg...................!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll post pics and details after it's over!


  1. Awe how fun! Happy anniversary you two! We love you!

    1. Thank you and we love you! Your (4) year anniversary is about now isn't it?