Thursday, September 2, 2010


Back to School! bla
At least on the positive note i can say this is my last year. I will only have 8% of my degree to finish spring semester so if i don't graduate it will be truely sad. :( Bur my classes this semester are all pretty interesting. i love my comm law class. the material is very interesting, but the test will stress me out forsure :(.
So i was 1 1/2 hrs late to work today, and no one noticed. hmm well they did when i got there, cause will and i showed up at the same time and this caused a wee bit of confusion. What i don't get is i had my schedule written down and in my wallet (correctly) and i still messed up. WOW i am struggling at life today :P I like to think i'm pretty good about that stuff, just not today i guess.
Jimmy Johns is open and being amazing as i'm sure you would imagine, they are even doing a corporate sponsorship to our Spirit Squad! YAY! :D
well i'm drawing a blank.. so Good Night :D

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