Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Moved!!!

So, I am all moved into the boys house! Yay, well i guess its my house now too. Although i'm trying to be nice and keep all my girly stuff to just my room. But i did buy a cute Orange drink pitcher and put it in the fridge, i went agaist the pink though so i think i did well.. OMG Tyrel one of my new roomies just informed me of some wonderful news and since i was already here blogging i thought i would share! a new Jimmy Johns is opening 2 blocks from our house so not only can i go their everyday we are in their delivery area! YAY this is going to be awesome, another good reason to have made the choice to move in here! :D Now i need volunteers to help with a car wash to raise money for the American Cancer Society this Sat. now i know putting this on here is pointless bc well no one reads my blogs. :( sad day .. o well i'll get over this eventually or i'll just putting it in every blog.
So Gavin has been working ALOT this week and i don't like it. he worked 15hrs yesterday :( he said he would be home at ten so i made us dinner and he wasn't home at ten so i ended up eating alone and he had to warm his back up :( I know he needs to work but i don't like that all we do is sleep in the same house. this is not quality time :( At least Matt and Tyrel are around to keep me company :D Well blog world have a great day!
Smiles, Mandy

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