Friday, October 15, 2010


So I said the next post i made would be the story of Gavin proposing to me.. Well here it is..

It all started when we went shopping in September of 2009, and we found the ring :D which i love! Gavin put in on layaway that way i wouldn't know when he had paid if off and i wouldn't know when he was going to propose. I told him i didn't want to have any idea since i already had picked out the ring i felt i already knew too much. Time went by and i felt like it should be coming soon and i started getting impatient. Valentines day came around and I knew he wouldn't propose to me then because thats not very original and he knew i wanted surprise. but when we got to his house he had the room all decorated cute, candles, roses, candy and stuffed animals. :D i ran and jumped on the bed in the middle of it and found a card. he wasn't in the room so i thought i would open in anyways. Well, it was so cute, it went on about how he couldn't picture his life with out me ect... and at the bottom it said "so i have just one question for you?" --->(arrow pointing to something) luckly i was alone because i began searching for what i thought was going to be the ring, crazy me jumping to conclusions... but infact the arrow was for me to turn the page in the card as it read " will you be my valentine?"... I felt like a kid on christimas who just got to open all of his presents and then have them all taken away.. Gavin laughed at me and told me i should have known better, but i still didn't find his joke very funny...

After this my impatience got a lot worse, and i missed alot of weird signs that would have told me it was coming but i choice to ignore them because well i'm me.. I remember being at work, it was a monday March 22 2010, and telling MJ i think he is going to propose soon. MJ told me i needed to be patient and stop worrying about it. Of course i didn't and it was on my mind all night. I went over to gavins after work just like normal. we just started talking, he was getting ready to move at the time. He told me he found one of his old sketch books while packing and wanted to know if i would like to look at it. (Gavin is an amazing drawer/artist in case you didn't know) Of course i said yes, as soon as i opened it i knew what is was. the first page said "Our Story" :D it preceded page by page of stories and pictures he had drawn on how we met, started dating, and memories of our life together so far. i kinda didn't read much into it at the time, i was to excited. I finally made it to the last page that asked "Mandy will you marry me?" and i looked up and there he was on his knee :D so cute, it's makes me cry thinking about it again :D

O i said yes by the way! But thats how it happened, just one random night me in my stinky pie clothes and all ... I love him tons


  1. YAY i cant wait for august! I love you two and miss you tons!!

  2. What an amazing story. I knew from the first time I saw the two of you together that this was a good match. I am so happy for you!

  3. Aw, my brother's so sweet. You're a lucky girl!!

  4. Such a cute story. I like how original he was and I LOVE that he drew you pictures. So cute. CONGRATS! =D