Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well with the help of my friend Sterling, i have finally figured out what to blog about.. Our Wedding, from the engagement to all the planning :D I'll post ideas and details and hopefully i'll get some feedback to create more great ideas to make our wedding the most AMAZING day in Gavin and my life :D Yay!!

so far planned we have
August 13th 2011 (wedding day)
Camp Williams (location)
Gavin McKenna (Groom)
Mandy DeVaney (Bride)
Yellow & Whit e (Wedding Colors)
Daisys (Flowers)
Custom Reebox (wedding shoes)
and I want a short dress...

Hopefully i can figure out how to add pics into my blog and then i'll be abe to share the ideas in my head :D .... Well i'll sure to be posting again soon, and i'll share our engagement story!!

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