Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dress Shopping

So tomorrow I am going to my 1st dress appointment!! I am very excited, and am hoping to find what i am looking for. Since i do want my dress choice to be a surprise, i might post pics of the dresses i try on but i will not reveal which dress i choose. :D I am still pretty sure that i am going to pick a short dress, but i am going to try on some full length styles to help make sure the short dress is really for me....
So for this post my question is how do you feel about short v. long dresses? Do you think i can pull a short dress off?
No matter what though this one is my final choice :D Yay! I'm super excited :D


  1. OHHH that is so much fun! I hope you enjoy yourself! I think you could totally pull off the short dress. Short dresses say spunky and fun and thats YOU :)

  2. lol i just thought of something that i have to add.... The pic you have up top of you and gavin reminds me of the pic gavin drew in my wedding signing book. hehe. I love you guys