Sunday, January 9, 2011


So, my family and I went to the bridal fair yesterday at the Salt Palace. It was a great day, (cake tasting was AMAZING) I wasn't planning on booking anything or making any final decisions without talking to Gavin though. ( he is in Vegas working so he could not come with me to the fair) Then I came across the Laughing Gravy DJ service booth i feel in love with this girl Vanessa whom was explaining to me their services. She was so bubbling and full of life and personality. She gave me the run down and I moved on to the next booth. But I kept thinking about her, so I had to go back because I needed her to DJ my wedding. The Laughing Gravy services are awesome, but Vanessa more than anything else sold me on it. So I paid the deposit and requested her for my wedding and its now set. She even said she would wear a cheer uniform to my wedding if i wanted her to. I doubt i'll have her do that, but its great that she would. I'm really excited to have her emcee our special day, i can't imagine anyone else now that i have met her. Sounds like I should just marry her while i'm at it. Lol.. but seriously I am very happy with my choice and Gavin was way cool that i went ahead and did that, so YAY!!

Also, my friend Justin from work offered to do a stand up comedy set for 5-10min at the wedding :D that will also be a lot of fun :D... Things are really starting to come together for our wedding and i couldn't be happier about it....

I probably need to start gathering peoples addresses for invitations soon, any suggestions for a fast effective way to gather this, without leaving anyone out? Also, any song requests or song you really don't want to hear at the wedding?

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  1. Mandy,
    You could ask for addresses on Facebook. You could have a special page for it. Is there already a "Gavin and Mandy are getting hitched" group? That would be a great way to get addresses from friends, but you'll still need to ask your parents and Gavin's parents for addresses of many relatives and old friends. -Sarah Passey