Friday, August 30, 2013

The things we shred

So, where I work we have not cleaned out our lost and found in a long time. This came to my attention today when one of the security officers approached me because the lost and found is stinking up their office with all of the dirty clothes. We have now donated bags and bags and bags of clothes and misc. items to goodwill. But, what about the personal items? Well, I spent the morning shredding any items with personal information; credit cards, id's, library cards, ss cards and among other things temple recommends.
To be honest, it took me awhile to figure out what they were, I had never seen one before. But, I shredded 6 temple recommends today. What does this mean? Can they get a new one? Will I go to hell for shredding them? I don't know the answer to any of this, but I found it amusing the things people leave behind. I am a forgetful person and have had my purse stolen, but to only loose your ss card or temple recommend truly confuses me... I mean it's easy to misplace your credit card, id ect because you are using them in the shopping center, but these other items how did they make their way out of your wallet or home in the first place?
I wish I could find each one the these people and return their items to them personally, but hopefully they know somehow that I have shredded them and their personal information is now safe! And, we have new policies on how often we will be cleaning out our lost and found.

PS I know the retro background is ugly, I will be changing it soon. :)


  1. They can get new recommends. And that would be a crazy hell if you could get there by shredding paper! I kind of like shredding--it's fun, and there's confetti afterwards! You should've had a "Saving people's privacy" party! :D

  2. That is so interesting! Weird how much people lose and then never go check in the lost and found! So to get a temple recommend you just meet with your Bishop and he signs it and then you go meet with the "Stake President" who is over the stake which is a group of about 10 wards, and he signs it. So if you ever lose it all you have to do is go meet with them again. They expire after 2 years so you regularly have to get a new one anyway. No worries and no lightning bolts involved for shredding them! :)