Friday, June 25, 2010

Clean Car

So i cleaned my car... I'm going to just say this is HUGE!!!
I haven't cleaned my car since i have had it.. and that has been close to a year now! Gavin and i spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning our cars. it was NOT fun, but worth it! I don't even recognize my car right now..
Then we went to the gym, on a hike with Bugsly, made dinner, and got a little tipsy via Chardonnay.. and started watching new moon but feel asleep before the end. Speaking of which this time next week, Eclipse will be out! YAY!!! I love it! I'm a hard core Twihard!
So, its official, i'm moving in with the boys next week. I'm pretty excited! It'll be nice to finally live with Gavin, but i will have my own room with my own bed (as requested by my mother till we're married) but i'm fine with that i like having my own space!
So, my blog is pretty sad and lonely, its only follower is itself :( i don't know how to get more or even how to find people i know on here!! but saying this here is pointless sense no one reads this but me! Thats okay though! I like it :D Well blog world have a great day!
Don't forget to SMILE!! :D

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