Monday, June 28, 2010

I love my Crazy Grandma!

So, this blog is short but SWEET!!
I went shopping at wal-mart with my grandma, mom and gavin this afternoon. all was going normal, until my grandma decided she needed moose to take camping with her.. what she needs moose in the woods for i don't know but neways. So there was a lady in the isle with her cart in the middle, not off to either side as my grandma would prefer because she could not get her cart into the isle because of it. So what does my grandma do, she rams the ladies cart head on, and continues to raming it untill the lady finally moves her cart and apologizes. my grandma still feels this was necesary and doesn't understand why we all were laughing and running away embarassed.. :D o and my mom tripped and feel while trying to run away from the scene.. great day at walmart, and i love my Grandma!! :D

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  1. Hey Mandy! I ran into your blog . . . I hope you don't mind me stopping by to see what is going on. This post made me laugh. The small things in life are what get me through each day. Thanks for sharing this story. Aren't grandma's the BEST!!! =D