Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer in Ogden

Well this is my first summer in Ogden, or not living at home i should say. I always would move back home with my mom for the summers but since she moved to salt lake this past year and other factors i decided to stay. I am living with my friend lola currently but looks like i will be moving into the boys house next month. That should be fun, me and 4 boys.... but they are all my team mates so it should be fun, o and did i mention that Gavin and i are now ENGAGED!! yeah i'm super excited!! the date is set for Aug 13th 2011... Yay!! well blog world, i haven't been on here since march of 09 and i still have no followers :(Sad.. maybe i should get on more and stop talking to myself about things i already know haha!! and i should follow some people! but i still can't seem to find anyone i know on here!! i need some help on this thing!! SOMEONE HELP ME FIND YOU!! well Gavin is making me dinner tonight so i shall go enjoy that :D I'll try to post again this week!! no I WILL POST AGAIN THIS WEEK!! :D Good Night!!

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