Friday, December 23, 2011


This week has been none stop! between shopping,job 1 holiday activities, job 2, puppy sitting.. o and lets not forget training a new puppy.. I have had absolutely no time to do anything. I was up at the store shopping at 6:30 this morning to get last min things for Gavin finished before work. Still didn't find everything i needed. Luckily my Mom is awesome and came to my work, where I then gave her my list of things along with my card for shopping and off she went to finish my list of to dos... She is the best! But with all that said after 5pm tonight I start my 3 day weekend and I am looking forward to all the fun family time, but even more importantly(at least to me in this moment) I'm looking sleeping in until I wake up tomorrow so I can have lots of energy to enjoy holiday traditions with both Gavin's and my family! Also, so much needed puppy love time. I feel bad for my kids, they have not been receiving the attention they deserve this week and I plan to make up every sec of that!
So, this is the schedule of events for our 1st Christmas as a Married Couple! :)
Friday, Temple Lights with Gavin's awesome brother Cameron and Family!(Brenda, Dbl-Z, and Ninjamen) I will then finish the evening by wrapping all the fun gift to be given this weekend from us!
Sat, Sleep in as long as I possibly can. Do not try and call me.. I won't answer! :P Followed by taking all the dogs (Busgly & Daisy (ours) Rado & Tripod (Melody's)) to the dog park which I'm sure will just be one BIG adventure trying to watch all the dogs, but still fun!) That evening we will start by driving to Gavin's parents for traditions, dinner and gift. Afterwards we will head over to my Grandmas for x-mas gifts and fun! Finally, I will put Gavin to bed and wait for Santa to arrive at our house!
Sun, Wake up to gifts from Santa! :) My family will then join us at our house for a nice small Christmas Breakfast!. Afternoon will be spent with family enjoy company and playing games. We will end the night at my Grandmas for a wonderful Christmas dinner!!!

I love our families, they are the best. The variety of people is so fun and amazing!

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