Monday, December 26, 2011

Locked out..

Today started out so wonderful.I slept in and woke up to sweet puppy kisses from miss daisy! I then played with the dogs fed them and put them outside to potty.
At this point I realized I was hungry, but there was no food in the house (none that sounded good at least), so I grabbed the "car keys"and headed out for some fast food, because really the problem was I felt too lazy to cook.
When I returned home I reached for my house keys only to realize I never grabbed them in the first place. Hmmm
So now here I sit in my car blogging about my morning stupitity, while waiting for Gavin and Ray to come save me from Ogden (an hr drive away!)....
I have learned a valuable lesson though.. Making breakfast would have been much faster!! Someone remind me of this next time..
I'm still optimistic for the day, how can a holiday paid day off ever be bad?
I have nothing more to post about this lovely situation, but because of my current lack of anything better to do, I will keep on posting my thoughts. Starting with posting via swype text is hella hard! Every two seconds I have to change what the lovely technology of predict text thought I should have said. I don't recommend blogging this way, this takes forever, but I am just trying to make the time pass.
Gavin and Ray are so nice to take the time from their work day to come save me! If you don't know who Ray
is, well he is gavs boss, and one of the nicest men ever!
They just arrived, so in the house I go!

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  1. I tried posting on my phone once--I gave up after one sentence. You are brave, and I'm sorry I only saw this now, because we totally would've come and let you play with children and cats at our house! I'm glad you're back in now, though! :)