Friday, December 30, 2011

Sad to Say Good-Bye

2011 was probably the most stressful, life changing- yet amazing year of my life.
This year I don't think there was an aspect of my life that went unchanged, and it all happened in the last 6 months of it. I have hit my emotional highest and lowest- never felt so loved, and at the same time never felt so alone.
So here is the events of my life 2011- I'll try and do this in order, but my memories come as they will so probably won't be.

  1. Gavin and I moved into our 1st house (its a rental) but still it is just the two of us and we love it! We went out on a limb and moved to SLC even without jobs there. We have made it work and love where we are!

  2. Yurika came to visit for our wedding! She is the best!

  3. I graduated college! YAY!! and in the same week ...

  4. WE GOT MARRIED! Best day of my life! We were so blessed to have so many family and friends there to support us, I would have never imagined our day would turn out so perfect! Our friends and family that helped with the wedding are all so amazing, and everyone that came will always have a special place in our hearts!

  5. Julious moved to Texas... :( sad day

  6. My Grandma had her heart valve replaced, very scary and stressful. But, she has recovered so well!! I can't believe how strong she is.

  7. Family Drama!!! Why can't people just get along???.. and thats all i care to say about that

  8. Went from one brother and one sister-inlaw to 23 TOTAL SIBLILINGS!!

  9. Also I am now the proud Aunt of 30+ nieces and nephews... if someone knows the exact number please share in the comment section below.

  10. Two of my bestest friends had the cutest babies! Ella-Ray(Ashley's) and Jaxson(Bryton's)!! I Love them tons!

  11. Was offered my first real "Big Girl" full time job! Which by the way I took :P. I am working at Trolley Square for Unico as the Tenant Services Coordinator!

  12. We puppy-sat my brothers dog Cashis aka Darby for a few months. I feel in love with the dog and he also became Bugsly (our dogs) best friend! Shortly after his return home he ran away :( but was found a week later! Lucky us!

  13. Gavin and I felt that after Darby left, our home was not complete, there was something missing... so, we bought a new puppy! Her name is Daisy and she is a beautiful Sheltie puppy!

  14. Puppies are alot of work p.s. we will not be having kids anytime soon! Our dogs are our kids! :)

  15. We just had our 1st Christmas together as our cute little family that we are!

2011 was a year of change, growing and learning for me. It gave me a lot of challenges, but also made me a much stronger person! I am sad to see it leave, because I can't imagine a year getting any better than this! Thats my challenge to 2012; give me more than you think I can handle. It will only make me stronger.


  1. Let's see. 8, 6, 3, 2, 2, 5, 3, 4 = 33 nieces and nephews! I had to count by family, and I could still be wrong, but...whew. I'm glad you gained more siblings, and my sons are glad you gained more nephews. They love you guys, and your little dogs, too! :)

  2. Awe what an awesome year! And we are so glad we could be a part of your wedding. We just love you two! I hope 2012 brings you just as much happiness :)

  3. Sounds like you are in the midst of it all! There is no better way to live! Congratulations on it all! ;D