Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Weekend Ahead

So, after almost poising myself with hand soap instead of toothpaste this morning. (okay not poison but it tasted pretty close to death) I am super excited for the weekend ahead!...

First- Going to MMA fight tonight with friends and family! Our good friend Jordan is fighting and it will be fun to go cheer him on. Plus, mixing my friends with Garvin's family will be a fun adventure! :)

Second- I'll be hanging out with the Easter Bunny tomorrow. Being her stylist for a photo shot :)

Third- Monster Jam! Yes, I am going to the monster truck with my family Saturday night! I know I would be jealous if I were you too..

Fourth- I saved the best for last. I will end my weekend by drinking beer and playing Super Mario World (from the super Nintendo) with my brother, sis-in-law, Keith and Hubby!

Now if anyone can tell me a better way to spend their weekend I'm all ears.

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