Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

So, I started my day like any other day. I woke up to Gavin kissing me good-bye as he left for work. I always fall right back asleep for another hr. before I need to get up for work. Today was different. I kept hearing noises, but because I was half asleep and not thinking straight I thought someone was in my house. I was paranoid but still finding comfort in the fact that my dogs were fast asleep next to me. If there was an intruder they would be freaking out, right??

I tried to calm myself into falling back asleep but then I heard the front door open and then close, I hurried and jumped out of bed and grabbed a steak knife. I left the kitchen light on and went and hid in my room preparing to defend myself (still half asleep). No more noises though. Odd I thought that must have been the bad guy leaving me alone, I had scared him off and was proud of myself! I decided it wasn't worth going back to sleep and decided to start my day with a bubble bath since I had the time. After my bath and getting dressed, I finally decided to go investigate the front room to find what the intruder had done.

My intruder that I was so scared of and about to stab in self-defense was my sweet husband setting up a cute good-morning Valentine's gift. (Pictured below) He's the best. Now in my mind I knew if couldn't be him because he had kissed me good-bye and there for left for work. Silly me.. But I’m happy I didn't go running out with my steak knife. (I'm sure he is thankful for that too)


  1. Aw Mandy! That's the best valentines story I've ever heard :D